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Dr. Nancy Blackwelder

There are two kinds of Administrators.

Those who have had a crisis....

And those who will.

  • It is invaluable as remediation for drivers or attendants having difficulty with student management issues, and/or
  • Employees who miss the annual state required continuing education program.
  • There is an “Are You There?”, function that prohibits jumping ahead or walking away from the computer. 
  • Employees can take the course on their down time or at home. 
  • They can stop at any time and return to the place they left off.
  • There are quizzes that must be passed with 80% minimum proficiency.
  • Upon completion of the course, participants can print a certificate that can be included in their file as evidence of participation.
  • Accepts all major credit cards, or fax a purchase order to 727-362-1984 along with your email address and a code will be mailed to you that allows access to the course.

A Bus Attendant s Guide to Student Management Program: 1

Learning Objectives

Participants will:

    • Learn the importance of the job to the safety of the students transported.
    • Learn about proximity control and the importance of where you sit on the bus in an effort to control conduct and make sure the students are comfortable and safe.
    • Learn the importance and technique of post checking the bus to avoid leaving students on the bus.
    • Learn alternatives to leaving primary and pre-school students at bus stops.
    • Learn the value of communicating with the driver, agreeing upon rules, consequences and rewards, and the importance of TEAMWORK.


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