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  About Nancy

Dr. Nancy Blackwelder

There are two kinds of Administrators.

Those who have had a crisis....

And those who will.


When Tragedy Strikes

Will You Be Ready to Manage the Crisis?


Dr. Nancy Blackwelder was educated at the University of Florida and the University of South Florida where she earned her doctorate in Education Leadership.

She spent her career as a teacher and Assistant Principal at both the elementary and high school levels, the Assistant Director of Transportation, and an administrator in the Exceptional Student Education Department, in a Florida school district of over 100,000 students.

On February 11, 1988 while working as an assistant principal at Pinellas Park High School, Dr. Blackwelder fell victim to a gun-wielding student which rocked the educational community. After her recovery she recognized the need to evaluate student management plans and use the knowledge gained through her experience to help others in the educational community.

Dr. Blackwelder is a certified ALICE instructor and was honored with an article in School Bus Fleet as one of the "25 Most Fascinating Industry Personalities." (June/July 2002 issue of School Bus Fleet, pg. 26.)

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